Pokémon: Our review of Scarlet and Violet TCG

Miraidon EX image from pricecharting.com

Going forward, we’ll start any Pokémon article with Pokémon in front of the title. We realize it’s not everyones cup of tea, or related to finance, or sustainable capitalism. Last Friday, themandalorian and I picked up a Scarlet and Violet booster box, a Scarlet Elite Trainer Box and a Violet Elite Trainer Box from GameNerdz. We buy cards for three reasons, the joy of opening a pack, cool art to collect, and for us to use when we play.

My luck was awful as usual. I handed over my packs to themandalorian. She had some great pulls. Before prices settled down, she couldn’t believe our luck that Gardevoir EX and Miraidon EX were worth over $100 each. She was gasping on the floor. That would have paid for our entire cost. We’ve invested so much in the cards we need some wins to make sure our business survives before it starts in a few weeks.

Our great pulls from Scarlet & Violet base box

The pulls

Every pack of SV1EN has two reverse holos and one holo card guaranteed. Some of my favorite art work is on the reverse holos or the commons. We’re a big fan of the silver borders. The art work stands out. Even the ordinary rares have value in this set like Klefki. The variety of good cards we pulled might be a testament that you can get some hits. Our sample size is small. We felt good pulling the set. We plan to save up and buy another booster box.

The art

The quality of the art work is sublime. We thought Crown Zenith was good. We didn’t invest too much in that set since it seemed like a rehash of other sets. I had a feeling they would print it into oblivion. Prices did collapse. In this set, we have cards telling stories, Tera Pokémon, new Pokémon, old Pokémon, and Pokémon from the Violet game in a way I haven’t seen while playing. The picture on the lower row in the middle shows a futuristic Miraidon outside with a Fidough inside. Terrific framing. They might print it into oblivion, there’s value in the art. We want more people to enjoy it.


It was interesting to us, more people like collecting the cards than actually playing the game with them. We’ve had a few GameStop employees tell us the same. This set is great. I took out so many cards from my previous deck and added in some of the new S&V cards. It’s a Water / Fighting deck. themandalorian beat me again with her Fire / Electric deck. It was close. There are many cards I want to get from our next booster box that can help it get better. Many of them are not the rarest ones either.

One of my dreams is having Pokémon stores for people to play, casually, in tournaments, with friends. Magic the Gathering is big near where we live, but that’s a game for adults and people with money. It’s not easy for kids to play or learn. I can tell themandalorian’s strategic skills have improved playing the game. It’s a good way for me to keep her away from screen time too.


We both love the set. After all those cards, we’re still missing 5 commons. I could do without some uninteresting Pokémon having multiple cards devoted to them. We wouldn’t have noticed if we didn’t organize the set, to see which ones we were missing. I am glad there are no rainbow cards. The silver border is subdued and allows the art to pop. Numerous full art is impressive. Given there are 400 Pokémon in the Scarlet Nintendo game, the ability to expand the trading card game is assured for many years. themandalorian has a goal to buy Nintendo one day and gift herself all the Pokémon packs she wants. 😂

We appreciate all the new people signing up! Thank you to all 120 of you for following us.

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