What happens tomorrow?

Armstrong Economics believes tomorrow is an important day for the markets. I believe Socrates is on to something. The closing on the Dow for the end of August will determine our path for the next few months.  Here’s an article from Armstrong Economics regarding the importance of the monthly closing price for August. It cameContinue reading “What happens tomorrow?”

Free Cash Flow and Enterprise Value

Imagine you are an investor and you are looking to deploy your capital to buy a business. There are a variety of financial and non-financial measures you could use.  One of the common measures is calculating the Free Cash Flow to Enterprise Value ratio. Let’s break down what they both mean. Free Cash Flow isContinue reading “Free Cash Flow and Enterprise Value”

Sell everything? Or hold on?

The market drama is gripping the financial markets this week. The age old question is should you sell everything and go to cash or should you hold on for the inevitable bounce? To answer that question I wanted to step back a bit. It would be meaningless to answer without some context on our savingsContinue reading “Sell everything? Or hold on?”

Investment wrap up 8/21/2015

Short summary, everything was horrifyingly bad in the U.S. Market. The Dow Jones entered correction territory, dropping by more than 3%, following yesterday’s 2% drop. This is the first time in more than 4 years we have seen a correction. All 10 major market sectors were down.  September 30th / October 1st continues to beContinue reading “Investment wrap up 8/21/2015”

Auto maintenance tips

I am not an auto guru, not even close. I have noticed a few things on my cost saving journey that I wanted to share with everyone. Top 10 Easy Auto Maintenance tips 1) Fill your gas tank at the halfway point I don’t know why this occurs but I have noticed the top halfContinue reading “Auto maintenance tips”

Actual spending vs. monthly budget

My family is making good progress on going from negative cash flow every month to cash flow positive.  One of the things I did earlier was create an annual budget of all our expenses. For next month I am going to go one step further. I have taken that budget and divided by 12. ThisContinue reading “Actual spending vs. monthly budget”

Pay off debt or invest? Part two 

My last post I shared whether if you were given 30,000 dollars to invest the money and pay off your debt later or pay off the debt immediately? A friend of mine told me he would rather invest. He had two main reasons. One, he would rather own more assets against the pool of debt.Continue reading “Pay off debt or invest? Part two “

Learning iOS 9 programming

i have found a great course for those interested in learning iOS 9 programming. The instructor has taught before and has great reviews. I have purchased the course and am looking forward to going through it. MacRumors has an 87% percent discount until end of day August 4th. You can go visit the site toContinue reading “Learning iOS 9 programming”