Expanding our solar panels

We were fortunate to escape the Texas heat and drought for a month. Our electricity needs were minimal, with the house AC set to 78° F (25.5°C). Even with only the AC running, our solar production was eclipsed by running the AC through the night. This is due to high night time temperatures. The currentContinue reading “Expanding our solar panels”

SoFi raises savings rate to 1.8%

Quick update. Thanks for your patience as I was out of country for a month seeing relatives. SoFi has boosted their checking and savings rates to 1.8%. I look for other banks to match them. If someone offers better on either let me know. It’s a small amount, especially as loans rates increase for mortgages,Continue reading “SoFi raises savings rate to 1.8%”

Solar panels vs electric vehicles, which saves more carbon dioxide?

If you had to choose between solar panels and a Model 3 for greater CO2 savings, which would you choose first? The answer for most people is solar panels, unless you drive a lot or get a good price on an EV. Details from our own experience follow.