Must read: Debt Debt & more Debt 2015.75

Debt Debt & more Debt 2015.75 Must read article from Martin Armstrong. It succinctly explains their methodology and why having such a large database of history is very important. The Pi Cycle from 1970 is also clearly laid out.  Deutsch Bank and VW on the merge of troubles right before the turn on the EconomicContinue reading “Must read: Debt Debt & more Debt 2015.75”

Fed doesn’t raise rates, world lets loose a sign of relief

Yesterday’s big story was the Federal Reserve didn’t raise interest rates. This keeps interest rates unraised since 2006. Everyone that has borrowed in US Dollars breathes a sigh of relief. I believe they should have raised. Retirees, insurance companies, pension funds, banks, and savers in the US would have appreciated the move. The stock marketsContinue reading “Fed doesn’t raise rates, world lets loose a sign of relief”

Update on cash flow

Hello everyone, Here is an update on our cash flow situation. We are paying off any credit card debt we incur by setting aside an equal amount of cash to pay for variable expenses. That’s positive. Fixed expenses come straight from our paycheck.  We are still in a negative cash flow situation but have aContinue reading “Update on cash flow”

What to expect from Apple next week

Next Tuesday Apple will be launching their new iPhone, the 6s. Predictions range all over the place, much of them based on hardware leaks. I think the hardware is well known but what will be interesting is the software that powers the hardware. Apple has rented a very large space, capable of seating 7,000 people.Continue reading “What to expect from Apple next week”

Why income taxes are a barbaric relic

I have read Armstrong Economics for a long time. And one thing that is mentioned often is economics precedes politics. 2016 looks to be an exciting year in the USA, where we throw out the old entrenched politicians and bring in those willing to serve the people, not their wallets.  One thing I would likeContinue reading “Why income taxes are a barbaric relic”