Opinion: Women’s rights advance a nation’s economy

It is no question that women’s rights are under attack with the recent Supreme Court decision overturning Roe vs. Wade. This might be stupid to say out loud, but when women have more rights, they advance a nation’s economy. The same is true for minorities and other persecuted groups. Here was a piece in theContinue reading “Opinion: Women’s rights advance a nation’s economy”

SoFi raises savings rate to 1.8%

Quick update. Thanks for your patience as I was out of country for a month seeing relatives. SoFi has boosted their checking and savings rates to 1.8%. I look for other banks to match them. If someone offers better on either let me know. It’s a small amount, especially as loans rates increase for mortgages,Continue reading “SoFi raises savings rate to 1.8%”