An update on gold, ethereum, bitcoin, QQQ and OPI

Monthly Gold chart, with a 5 and 34 exponential moving average plotted. From

The gold price gave a buy signal at the end of last year. The gold price is approaching record highs. We mentioned gold gave a buy signal in our last update. The rule is when the black line in the top panel crosses above the red line a buy signal is generated. The indicator uses 3 Fibonacci numbers, the 5 month exponential moving average, the 34 month exponential moving average, and an 8 month period of smoothing to calculate the indicator.

Monthly Bitcoin chart. From

We intensely dislike Bitcoin due to its flagrant energy use based on a Proof of Work setup. We can’t deny that a buy point was generated recently. Bank failures, war, general instability have aided Bitcoin’s fortunes. Fear of missing out will ensue shortly.

Monthly Ethereum chart. From

Ethereum had a momentous day yesterday. The Shanghai upgrade was completed. This was necessary to move Ethereum to Proof of Stake, reducing energy usage by 99% compared to Proof of Work. This allows $34 billion that was staked to Ethereum to be available. The buy signal was generated this month. If I had to choose between Bitcoin and Ethereum, it would be Ethereum hands down. I don’t know what purpose Ethereum has yet, perhaps someone can educate me. We have a heavy loss on our ETH and the move from $1000 to $2000 is welcome.

Monthly QQQ chart. From

On a whim, I checked QQQ today. A buy signal was generated recently. We used the opportunity to purchase some. If this signal is a guide, the punishing correction over the last 15 months is temporarily over. QQQ tracks the top 100 Nasdaq companies.

Finally, OPI. What a disaster. The REIT market had been hit hard. We bought in months ago with a good dividend. The REIT continued crashing. OPI is buying another REIT in an all share transaction. If that wasn’t enough, the dividend got slashed from $2.20 a share to $1 a share. It will take years to recover the money from dividends. We’ll rebalance at the end of the year.

Monthly OPI chart. From

A sell signal was given early last year (black going below red in upper panel). There seemed to be brief hope earlier this year, before the price bounced down hard. Previously, I would have rushed in and bought more shares. Nope. Not again. We’ll wait for a buy signal before buying more. Some anecdotal evidence this trading system is working.

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