In memoriam


Nevaeh Alyssa Bravo, age 10

Jacklyn Jaylen Cazares, age 9

Makenna Lee Elrod, age 10

Jose Manuel Flores Jr., age 10

Eliahna Amyah Garcia, age 9

Uziyah Sergio Garcia, age 10

Amerie Jo Garza, age 10

Xavier James Lopez, age 10

Jayce Carmelo Luevanos, age 10

Tess Marie Mata, age 10

Maranda Gail Mathis, age 11

Alithia Haven Ramirez, age 10

Annabell Guadalupe Rodriguez, age 10

Maite Yuleana Rodriguez, age 10

Alexandria Aniyah Rubio, age 10

Layla Marie Salazar, age 11

Jailah Nicole Silguero, age 10

Eliahna Cruz Torres, age 10

Rojelio Fernandez Torres, age 10

Irma Linda Garcia, age 48

Eva Mireles, age 44


Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs and William Kinney, age 9

Katherine Koonce, age 60

Cynthia Peak, age 61

and Mike Hill, age 61

Image from Free Photos Gallery

Published by smilingdad

My story is one of tragedy and redemption. We've made many mistakes along the way regarding our money. Our goal here is to show you how to take care of your money life long, and as much as we can, help the Earth along the way. I call it sustainable personal finance and ethical capitalism. Currently, I am a part time writer for Cleantechnica and part-time licensed financial professional, along with being a full-time dad.

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