Solar update

Our solar production had a tough time at the end of January and beginning of February. Cold temperatures and heavy rain lead to a lot of grid usage.

Solar production, image courtesy of smilingdad

The system did cover 90% of our energy needs. Many neighbors were shocked by their electric bills in December and January.

Energy mix, image courtesy of smilingdad
Lifetime savings, image courtesy of smilingdad

Lifetime savings is impressive. Some months were lost when we upgraded the system. In 6 months of data, we saved more carbon dioxide generation than both of our vehicles drive in a year. Texas is no Australia when it comes to solar penetration. I’m happy to do our part. See Cleantechnica here: Nearly 1 In 3 Homes In Australia Covered In Solar Panels

Pros of panels: You generate your own energy at a cheaper price using the power of the sun

Cons: With the rise of interest rates, affordability of panels has decreased when we need it the most. Residential battery storage isn’t cheap enough to store extra energy for later use.

Many solar companies are there to give you a quote: Enphase, Sun Run, SunPower, First Solar, Tesla. With the Inflation Reduction Act, up to a 30% tax credit can help reduce installation costs.

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9 days in a row! Let’s see how long it lasts.

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