Opinion: Tesla Strikes Back

From Electrek, we find out Tesla cancels solar projects en masse, scales back solar division. This is anecdotal. If true, it’s not a good look. When every solar panel producer and installer is expanding thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act, it makes little sense that Tesla is pulling back on solar.

I can argue that the Tesla Solar is undersupplied, has a bad customer service reputation, and generally the energy and storage solution area broke even or a small profit from the SolarCity acquisition. From previous articles on the site, solar has a greater impact on reducing fossil fuel use than an electric vehicle. Plus, the mercurial Elon is having fun burning his new toy Twitter to the ground.

It does give more incentive for other companies in the space to grow. If you have a Tesla solar installation scheduled, you may want to contact the company to make sure nothing has changed. I have personal referrals from Jan that are waiting for panels. 10 months to get a solar installation is unacceptable.

We’ll be writing more soon. I am recovering from the US midterm elections. Lot to digest on that front.

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