What if: American democracy died?

The idea that American democracy could die, is not believable to many people. A country founded in 1792, what could threaten something so enduring? In this post, we do a What If analysis if American democracy died. Physics tells us change at transition points happens quickly. When you have 300 people running for key government positions, and don’t believe elections matter, we have big problems.

What would cause American democracy to die?

If voters elect people that deny the validity of your vote and integrity of elections, voting dies. One person at the top or in power decides the vote. First, it will happen in states. If it spreads to enough states, it will infect voting for President.

What happens if voting dies?

The United States of America becomes Hungary, Russia, China, and Iran. A few will become incredibly wealthy. For the rest, a constant state of fear, death, poverty, and a loss of personal and economic freedoms are likely.

What are some ramifications if American democracy dies?

  • Let’s list some of the ways
  • Cuts to the social safety net, including Social Security, Medicare, and anti-poverty programs
  • Loss of rights to make decisions regarding your own health
  • Loss of rights to vote
  • Loss of rights on using or not using contraception
  • Loss of rights on who you can marry
  • Destruction of books deemed harmful to the State
  • Increased political violence and persecution against political enemies
  • Increased racism, sexism, and anti-Semitism
  • Decrease in taxes for the rich and corporations
  • Stronger anti-union and anti-worker enforcement
  • Fewer environmental, labor, and financial protections
  • Anything helping with climate pollution gets rolled back
  • Higher levels of discrimination
  • Less economic opportunities to advance
  • Threatening the credit standing of the US
  • Launching political investigations and impeachments
  • Defunding investigations, police, and people investigating “their” side
  • Forget about the rule of law. Judges will do political bidding of those appointing them.
  • Russia overtakes Ukraine and threatens Europe.
  • China makes moves to overtake Taiwan.
  • Dictators everywhere get stronger.
  • Prices go up, shortages increase.

None of those sound pleasant. At this time, there are too many anti-election forces in the Republican Party. They have plainly said what they will do. It’s up to the decent folks in the US to make sure anti-democratic / pro-fascism forces lose, in one of the most consequential elections in the history of the country. Vote against election deniers and election liars, vote for democracy, freedom, transparency and accountability. If you don’t think electing anti-election folks has zero impact on the economy, there’s a bridge in NY I have for sale.

Sincerely yours,


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