Why I love Pela Case

If you have read our blog for any amount of time, you’ll know we rarely love anything. Pela Case (https://pelacase.com) might be one thing we love. Pela Case has sturdy, compostable, long lasting phone cases. This is important as we pre-ordered iPhone 14 Pro’s. We have iPhone X’s and XS’s. The camera upgrade makes it worthwhile, along with the high trade in value we received from T-Mobile.

If the upgrade was meh, I would be inclined to replace our phone batteries. Tech phone waste and plastic phone case waste is a large but solvable problem. WaPo covers if you need a new phone or not, and how to fix common issues.

You can get a fresh battery for your phone, which usually costs about $20 (for a third-party replacement you install yourself) to about $70 (for an official battery installed by the manufacturer). But first, consider ways to conserve your device’s battery.

Washington Post

Back to Pela Case. A Pela Case produces less carbon dioxide during manufacture, requires less water usage, leads to 80% less waste production, while being compostable at end of life.

Pela Case is better for the planet.

As we are all for being pro-democracy and ethical capitalism at smilingdad, how does Pela recycle the case when you are done? From prior experience, you can send back the case to Pela, and they’ll compost it for you. Pela defines biodegradable vs compostable on their website.

  • Biodegradable refers to a material breaking down with the help of microorganisms. To be labelled a biodegradable plastic, there is no time limit set on when the product breaks down and these plastics CAN leave behind toxic residue.
  • Compostable refers to a material capable of breaking down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass at the same rate as cellulose. Compostable plastic must also disintegrate and become indistinguishable in the compost and CANNOT leave any toxic material behind.

Pela cases are compostable. “That’s why we developed a compostable phone case: to reduce plastic’s planetary impact. These cases are made with green materials designed to break down in soil in a matter of weeks, leading to a healthier, happier, and more sustainable Earth.”

That’s a lot of plastic bags saved. Imagine the impact if more people switched.

They are not the cheapest, nor do they have the most designs currently for the new phones, keep that in mind. My Pela Case has lasted almost 2.5 years, protecting it from nasty drops. Pela Case continues to expand to iPhone cases, Android cases, sunglasses, blue light sunglasses, AirPods cases and a whole slew of accessories. We’re all on this planet together. We have to act like it. Pela Case has our endorsement.

Sincerely yours,


Featured image from Pela Cases’s website.

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