Some cryptos have given a buy signal

Quick update: Some cryptos have given a buy signal on a weekly timeframe. So far, it has worked out well on buying at lower prices and selling at higher prices. With the buy signal given, prior experience shows to wait for a consolidation or small move down before the move up begins in earnest. If you have favorite cryptos, now might be time to look into deploying some cash in the coming weeks. Some cryptos are waiting for the buy signal. The move higher over the last two weeks has been furious. Cryptos have been wrecked over the last six months, with many losing 50% or more from their highs last year.

Note: Not investment advice. Consider it educational in nature. Please consult with a qualified investment professional before making investment decisions. We own both Cardano and Polkadot.

Cardano chart courtesy of Note the severe decline from $3 at the high to $0.80 at the low.
Polkadot chart courtesy of Note the severe decline from $52 to $17 near the low.

With any gains you may make, think of donating to help the refugees and people of Ukraine. Over 10 million, more than the population of NYC, have been displaced from their homes. Civilians are being shelled and killed while trying to flee burnt cities. Make sure to see if the money donated is actually helping the people of Ukraine. Billions will be needed to rebuild once the war is done.

With peace, love, and hope,


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