Cleantech and ESG Edition #5

It’s been two months since we had a Cleantech and ESG review. As always, a lot has taken place. Here are some items we found cool and interesting.

Big news, as the maker of Fiat, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and many other brands plans to go full electric by 2030, more aggressively than rivals. Will they have the batteries to support the move?

Sharp looking Fiat 500e, fully electric, Image from Fiat’s site

In an unprecedented action for staid and stale Corporate America, former #1 market cap company Exxon has lost three board of directors seats to investors committed to green energy and renewables. Exxon and Chevron lag big oil rivals in Europe in moving towards renewable energy and EV charging. Until recently, both were decade long losers in the stock market. Shareholders said enough.

Happy Pride Month! This newly focused LGBTQ ETF focuses on the top 100 ESG companies that are supportive of LGBTQ rights. The thinking goes that companies that attract younger workers who support these rights will increase the companies diversity and inclusion, leading to better stock performance, as these companies attract top talent. Social governance and investing continue to grow together.

Photo by Anna Shvets on

According to CNBC, These bonds may make up 8 to 10% of all bond issuance in 2021, to the estimates of about $650 billion dollars this year. The key for these bonds is what they finance, which aims for projects that are good for the environment and the climate.

  • EV Charging news

Many companies and organizations are getting in the EV charging game. I saw my first Volta charger outside of Kohl’s in the US. I had to charge our Tesla, simply to show I appreciate the feature.

Cleantechnica: Québec Leaders To Install 4,500 New EV Charging Stations By 2028 To Support Garage Orphans

Cleantechnica: 7-Eleven To Introduce 500 EV Fast-Charging Ports At 250 Stores

This last one is big. 7-Eleven is known worldwide. For them to start adding EV chargers at their gas stations shows they understand the trend. This is a good first step.

  • Electric bus news

Competition is heating up for electric buses. Here are two regarding BYD. Not many know of BYD, but they are a Chinese and worldwide leader in the move to get all kinds of vehicles to become electric.

Cleantechnica: BYD Aims To “Revolutionize” The Electric School Bus

Cleantechnica: BYD Scores More Electric Bus Orders & Deliveries In Sweden & Spain

  • Other interesting news

Cleantechnica: Coal Plant Explosion In Australia Shows Why Tesla Batteries & Renewables Are The Future Of Energy

A coal plant exploded, impacting 470,000 customers. Tesla’s big Horndale Power Reserve battery stepped in to help within 2 seconds. Wow. Our Aussie friends suffer from coal loving politicians. They’re missing the renewable boat, literally.

Cleantechnica: Solar Panel Installations Over Canals Could Save California 65 Billion Gallons Of Water Per Year

The post goes over how the Indian state of Gujarat used solar panels over irrigation canals to save water and produce electricity. The same idea could help drought ridden California. This is enough water to serve 2 million California residential customers.

Cleantechnica: Tesla Powerpacks Will Help A Hospital In Haiti Serve Its Patients

This is a real life, feel good story. The hospital will serve 100,000 people who will have no other hospital on the Haitian island. With the change, the carbon footprint of hospital will be virtually eliminated (emphasis from the story).

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