The new doggo translator

Dog’s and humans can’t translate each other. There are language apps to translate, but not useful at all for dog and humans to communicate. Really. So, get a new doggy translator that I’m going to invent. It’s not only a translator, but whatever you say, your dogs can hear and can probably listen. They can also help your dogs eyesight, to see all the colors. They will be many tests, many downsides and upsides, and many failures, but I will not give up at all until it is complete. I’ll write code after code, wires after wires, to do this. And if not successful, I don’t care! I’m just going to continue, until it’s right. : )

Dictated to smilingdad by his youngest daughter, the Mandalorian.

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Published by themandalorian

I'm the youngest daughter of smilingdad. I write about technology and helping people use it.

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