How to take care of a business

Hello. Today, I’ll be teaching you how to take care of a business. I’m going to start a city in the center of an island, with a circle shape, and expand it into a continent. That’s my biggest goal of having a business. Everybody that needs help and needs a home will be welcome on this continent. First, I’ll code a really awesome game on one of my other articles I am writing. Then, we’re going to work on collaboration, then building, then the continent. This is going to be a family business. It’s going to be a new hybrid kind of business, combining the best technologies of public and private business. Very bad people who treat people poorly are not welcome. They are welcome to go to Doggy Land, another thing I invented. It’s a prison where dogs constantly lick you.

Dictated to smilingdad by his youngest daughter, the Mandalorian.

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Published by themandalorian

I'm the youngest daughter of smilingdad. I write about technology and helping people use it.

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