Busy Bee’s Minecraft Business

Today, I am going to be teaching you about my new Minecraft competitor. The mods will be free. You can earn mods by earning advancements and getting coins to redeem for mods. If you get the mod once, it’s available to you all the time. You can fit Shulker boxes within Shulker boxes. Shulker boxes can become large Shulker boxes. We’re making Minecraft 3 dimensional and ultra realistic. When you crack chests, you’re stuff doesn’t clatter and stays in one place. There’s a new mode in Minecraft called Craft House. You have to craft many items, plus you can fly with the Elytra wings and without, and you still have hearts. Zombie villagers do not attack you. You can get an advancement called Zombie Doctor.

Dictated to smilingdad by his youngest daughter, the Mandalorian.

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I'm the youngest daughter of smilingdad. I write about technology and helping people use it.

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