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A few weeks ago, I wrote an analysis of Ark Invest’s Bull and Bear case for Tesla. I thought I could make my own model, which is located here on Github. I am working on an autonomous addition to the piece, and adding in other EV and battery companies along the way. Autonomy is hard, on when it happens, how fast adoption is, how much it will grow, how much prices will go down, and how much key players may charge for the service. With potential revenue of 100’s of billions, and a way to re-visit how cities work, much is at stake.

The articles are linked below, in chronological order.

Link to: Diving Into Ark Invest’s Tesla 2025 Analysis

Link to: Diving Into ARK Invest’s Bear Case On Tesla [TSLA]

Link to: First Crack At Releasing A Tesla Financial Model On Git

Last, link to: Analysis of My Tesla Financial Model on GitHub

Here’s a link to my other Cleantechnica pieces. Enjoy!

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My story is one of tragedy and redemption. We've made many mistakes along the way regarding our money. Our goal here is to show you how to take care of your money life long, and as much as we can, help the Earth along the way. I call it sustainable personal finance and ethical capitalism. Currently, I am a part time writer for Cleantechnica and part-time licensed financial professional, along with being a full-time dad.

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