Tech devices are more than just a little piece of technology. Devices are things we use every day to help us. Like when we are stuck at home, we use devices to learn and do work. If we use technology, we can create a new world that is better. Better in what way? I’m glad you asked.

Devices can be used to create clean power, clean air, and clean food. We need to move away from old forms of energy so that the world doesn’t get sick from pollution. New sources of energy, like electric vehicles and electric houses, will allow people to have good paying jobs. I’m going to create a new country, far away, that only uses battery and electric devices.

(Dictated to smilingdad by his youngest daughter, themandalorian)

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Published by themandalorian

I'm the youngest daughter of smilingdad. I write about technology and helping people use it.

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