How technology can help make the world clean

Hi, my name is themandolarian. I am smilingdad’s youngest daughter. Today, I’ll be writing about how technology can help make the world clean.

I’m going to create a robot that can pick up all the trash around the world. I’m going to make sure the robot only uses metal, no plastic. For example, my robot will have a metal scoop to pick up plastic trash. Plastic is bad because it is bad for the environment. Plastic goes into the ocean, and harms living creatures. Like in Animal Crossing, you take the fish and they don’t get killed, but in the real world that’s not true. In our house, we’re moving away from plastic, by using stainless steel and glass containers, and metal cups.

That’s it. More to come next time. Thanks for reading!

(Dictated to smilingdad by themandolarian).

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Thanks for reading!

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I'm the youngest daughter of smilingdad. I write about technology and helping people use it.

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