Cool International ESG Efforts #2

Our previous effort on weekly Cleantech news was not up to our standards. We couldn’t sustain writing about cleantech or sustainability every week. Instead, we’re going to highlight cool international sustainability efforts when we see enough items of interest.

Cleantechnica – New Tesla Records: 499,550 Vehicles Delivered in 2020, 509,737 Vehicles Produced (Charts)

The Tesla EV train continues. Tesla was very close to the 500,000 vehicles they wanted to deliver for 2020. This is a great achievement in the middle of a global pandemic.

Independent – Climate crisis: Offshore wind power ‘so cheap it could return money to consumers’

An older article, but well worth highlighting. Amazing that UK electricity bills could fall because wind power is becoming cheaper than expected.

Renewable energy is on course to become the cheapest kind of power to produce in the UK, meaning household electricity bills could fall if savings are passed on to consumers.


Cleantechnica – 31 Countries, States, And Cities Have Gas/Diesel Car Bans In Place

Norway is the most aggressive, banning fossil fuel cars by 2025. More than 70% of new vehicles purchased in Norway are now EV’s. Norway’s path is the path for the rest of the world. Those looking to buy new or used fossil fuel vehicles, beware of the tremendous depreciation costs that are coming. More cities, states, and countries will join the above list over 2021.

Cleantechnica – France Hits Record 19.2% EV Share In December – Up Almost 6x Year-On-Year

The Renault Zoe is a perennial hometown EV favorite in France. Well done.

Politico – Biden set to supercharge clean energy push with $40B stash

“The Energy Department will play a key role in helping slash emissions from the transportation sector, the largest contributor to climate change. Electrifying the nation’s fleet of vehicles would represent one of the most seismic market and technological upheavals in recent history. And the department will also have a major role to play in stanching emissions from buildings, appliances and the electric power sector.”

– politico

Washington Post – Researchers unveil new method for converting carbon dioxide into jet fuel

Scaling this up to commercial levels will be the difficult part. I admire the grit of the Oxford researchers and others to turn aviation fuel into a net-zero carbon industry.

Cleantechnica – End of the Line for Volkswagen e-Golf Makes Way for Volkswagen ID.3

VW is serious about selling electric vehicles. Even with the all-electric ID.3 launching in the second half of 2020, it has become a Top 5 best seller. We wish VW much success in transforming their fleet to all electric. They are putting pressure on the rest of the auto manufacturing laggards to keep up.

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